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  • 1-Wire Extension

    1-Wire Extension

    The 1-Wire Extension is ideal for installations with many sensors. Reliable and accurate Low cost Can be mounted very discretely Connect up to 20 sensors to the 1-Wire Extension

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  • AI Extension

    AI Extension

    The AI Extension has 4 additional analog inputs on two division units – perfect for sensors and probes.

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  • Air Base Extension

    Air Base Extension

    The Air Base Extension with our own wireless technology has been tailored specifically for Smart Homes and is perfect for retrofitting Loxone in existing homes. Up to 128 devices can be connected with an Air Base Extension at any one time. Loxone Air...

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  • AO Extension

    AO Extension

    The AO Extension provides 4 analog 0-10V outputs on only two divider units – perfect for transmitting analog control signals in the 0-10V range. 4 analog outputs (0-10V) max. 20mA save space with only 2 division units ETL Listed, CE certified...

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  • DI Extension

    DI Extension

    The new DI Extension offers 20 digital inputs in a device that is the size of just two breaker units. It is perfect for accommodating the wiring for sensors and those third-party switches. Plus, you can also use the inputs as frequency counters for...

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  • Dimmer Extension

    Dimmer Extension

    The Loxone Dimmer Extension allows you to dim any type of mains light! Dim lightbulbs, halogen downlights, dimmable CFL or LEDs Simple to connect to your Loxone Miniserver 4 dimmer channels and 8 extra digital inputs

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  • DMX Extension

    DMX Extension

    This extension enables you to digitally control your lighting: Set the dimming level Adjust the colour and fade rates Simply connect the DMX Extension to the Miniserver via the Loxone Link, attach your DMX drivers and light fittings to the DMX...

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  • EnOcean Extension

    EnOcean Extension

    The EnOcean Extension lets your Miniserver talk wirelessly to devices around your home. Send and receive EnOcean signals from other EnOcean devices. No need to chase walls or pull cables. Please note that the Extension comes without an antenna.

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  • Fröling Extension

    Fröling Extension

    A world first: Integrate your Fr?ling solid fuel heating system into your Loxone Smart Home to achieve a demand-driven boiler control system that is based on Loxone Individual Room Control. targeted boiler control system based on each room’s requirements...

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  • Modbus Extension

    Modbus Extension

    Want to add a Modbus interface to your Loxone system? The Modbus Extension will do just that and allow you to interact with a whole host of other devices that have got Modbus interfaces, for example gas, electricity, water and other energy meters. Enjoy...

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  • Nano 2 Relay Tree

    Nano 2 Relay Tree

    From blinds, gates, circulation pumps, an electric door lock or the bathroom extractor fan; the Nano 2 Relay Tree provides flexibility so you don’t have to wire anything that you need to switch back to the panel. When controlling blinds you will...

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  • Relay Extension

    Relay Extension

    The Loxone Relay Extension is a true power house and with its fourteen 16A rated relays it will switch even the heaviest loads with ease. Each relay can switch up to 16A. That means you could switch 100 traditional tungsten light bulbs on just one...

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  • RGBW 24V Dimmer Air

    RGBW 24V Dimmer Air

    This Dimmer delivers unparalleled smart lighting control in your home! Create amazing colour lighting scenes for any occasion in your smart home Designed for DIN rail mounting Specifically for use in a Loxone Smart Home Benefit from free firmware updates...

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  • RS232 Extension

    RS232 Extension

    Need your Miniserver to communicate via RS232? The RS232 Extension will do just that! Interact with projectors, AV receivers, phone systems and more Simple to connect to your Miniserver Compact design for DIN rail mounting

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  • RS485 Extension

    RS485 Extension

    Want to add an RS485 interface to your Loxone system? Simply connect the Extension to the Miniserver. Easily expand your system to interact with other devices with an RS485 interface Connect ventilation units, solar inverters and more

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  • Tree Extension

    Tree Extension

    The Tree Extension has two ‘branches’ - up to 50 Tree enabled devices can be connected to each branch, making wiring both easy and flexible.

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