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  • Audioserver


    The most flexible audio solution for any building The Audioserver is the most flexible audio solution for any building - making it perfect for electricians and audio professionals alike. A compact form factor with impressive performance and containing 4...

  • Miniserver Gen. 2

    Miniserver Gen. 2

    The Loxone Miniserver is the main brain of a Loxone system acting as a central point of control for your home & building automation. It can look after everything from simple lighting to intelligent zoned heating control. The Miniserver Gen. 2...

  • Miniserver Go

    Miniserver Go

    The Miniserver Go, based on Loxone Air technology, is the intelligent heart of your wireless smart home. Perfect for retrofitting and renovations Unbeatable price:performance ratio Can be placed anywhere No need to pull cables Communicates with up to 128...