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  • Electric Car Charging Cable Type 2

    If you’re looking for speedy and reliable car charging, look no further than the Bals Type 2 electric car charging cable. This Type 2 cable is compatible with the KEBA KeContact P20 wallbox and is suitable for use with a wide variety of electric and...

    $466,00 (Inc. VAT)
    $388,34 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Loxone CAT7 Kabel (250 m)

    The Loxone CAT 7 cable is a shielded twisted pair cable, which is recommended for high-speed Ethernet networks and the wiring of sensor points (temperature sensor, presence detector, switches ...) in a Loxone Smart Home.

    $252,01 (Inc. VAT)
    $210,00 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Tree Cable

    The all-in-one cable for Tree devices - whether that’s motion sensors, switches or spots. With the new Tree Cable, we’re continuing to improve the ease-of-install of a Real Smart Home. The standardised colour-coding of the pairs greatly reduces the...

    $130,69 (Inc. VAT)
    $108,91 (Ex. VAT)
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