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  • PLC CODESYS with KNX interface

    The ekinex® EK-IA1-TP PLC allows to realize complex control and regulation logics for the automation of homes and buildings, integrating basic KNX functions.‎ The device is completely programmable by using the CODESYS* development environment...

    $868,82 (Inc. VAT)
    $724,02 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Smart-U PLC with Ethernet port or Wi-Fi connection

    Remote control and monitoring unit that integrates in one device the features of an I/O PLC, Web HMI HTML5 and teleservice. SmartLab software development environment compliant with IEC 61131-3 (Programmable controllers - Part 3: Programming languages)...

    $1.185,68 (Inc. VAT)
    $988,06 (Ex. VAT)
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